Looking to add space via a garage conversion?

With over 25 years’ experience, Reeves offer free advice on how to make the most of your garage space, covering Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Bucks and Northants we have a list of satisfied customers who are now enjoying using their garage conversion.

Garage conversions make the most of your wasted space and can often add value to your home. Add value to your home by converting your garage into a bedroom, home office, play-room or adapting your garage for use by an older or disabled relative to use. Wouldn’t your garage make a wonderful kitchen extension, downstairs shower-room or sound proof your garage and stick your son’s drum kit in there?

Whatever plans you have for expansion consider your garage space first.

If you don’t park your car in the garage then likely it is just accumulating junk. Make the most of the existing space you have as garage conversion will be less expensive than building an extension.

The good news is that your garage conversion is unlikely to need planning permission provided your conversion stays within the foot-print of the existing garage. For more information on what does and doesn’t need planning see our blog called – A guide to planning in Bedford. – or follow this link to the Governments website.

You will still need to inform your local Authority Building Control Department and they will charge a fee for overseeing the project.

How suitable is my garage for conversion?

Things you might want to consider when planning a garage conversion:

The condition of your existing garage

The key factor which can increase your garage conversion cost is the condition of its existing structure. For example, if your garage is a standalone outbuilding with single-brick walls and a roof constructed from corrugated sheets, you will be looking at a garage conversion cost much higher, to bring the structure in line with current building regulations, than when your garage forms part of your home, is enclosed by at least two interior walls and has a room above it.

Position of Utility supplies

The second factor which can mostly influence your garage conversion cost is whether your existing gas or electricity meters are sited within your garage and whether you want to relocate them to another part of your home. Moving both meters to another location can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000, with a large chunk of this going to your utility suppliers who charge very high rates for moving their incoming services. If you have the space the best option in this case is to leave them where they are and build around them leaving access in the form of a cupboard or access in a stud wall.

Existing garage door

The third factor which will alter your garage conversion cost is dependent upon what you do with your existing garage door. Whilst most people choose to have their garage door removed and replaced with a brick bay or standard window to match and blend in with the remainder of their home’s façade, you may opt to keep your garage door in-situ and ask us to create an insulated stud wall behind it. There is also the option of getting a new garage door which is fully insulated. Replacing a garage door with a window and façade to match your home offers more light and better aesthetic look to the exterior of your home.

Height of the existing floor

If you have an integral garage and you want to break-through to create a seamless space you need to consider floor heights between the garage and the room in the house that is adjacent to it. After the garage conversion, the floor in the garage is finished at the same level of that in the rest of the ground floor. Sometimes to get the depth to be able to insulate the floor the old concrete slab has to be excavated.

Other considerations are electrics in the new room/s – insulation which will have to be to the latest regulations, access, both from your house and, if needed from outside and the garage loft space – do you want to store stuff up there?

All these questions can be answered at a no obligation consultation.

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