Are you looking for your patio to be expertly laid by a trusted and experienced local patio specialists company?

Reeves has been established since 1989 and our patio expertise and quality guarantee ensures you get the best built and long-lasting patio available

There are few homes that don’t benefit from having a quality patio, new driveway, feature garden path or a stunning new decking area. Making the most of your garden and exploiting your outdoor space to the full requires a creative use of the space available. To get the full potential you can benefit from a free consultation with Reeves. With our creativity and wealth of experience we can help transform your garden into a stunning outside space, we can bring style, value and practicality the project.

At Reeves we offer a full patio, paving and decking installation service, from designing and installing a new patio, drive or deck, to refurbishing an old area, bringing your garden patios alive and complimenting the look of your property.

Few things can be better than entertaining friends with a barbecue or a drink outside on a summer evening.

Call us, we will be happy to help as either part of our full landscape design service, or as a one-off job, we will complete your project to the highest standard, and with the minimum of mess and fuss.

A Gallery of our construction work

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Reeves do not undertake a large number of garden projects at the same time

Two of the successes of a well-constructed landscape garden in attention to detail and planning. These cannot be successfully delivered if the Landscape Team is running about with 4 different jobs running simultaneously. At Reeves we would rather concentrating on providing construction skills to finish your project to the highest standards and our guarantee is that a director of Reeves will oversee and liaise with you on your garden landscaping project.

Our experience stretches from the restoration and construction of large country gardens to contemporary city gardens – from major landscape construction projects to individual patios and decks. Each scheme is managed with a single point of contact to help ensure the smooth-running of each project, delivered by experienced, hard-working, and friendly staff.

Unlike many Landscape Companies we take a flexible approach to your garden project, if you decide to develop a theme or change emphasis we are on hand to discuss how this will affect the overall project and show you ways you can improve aspects of the design.

One thing we always recommend, regardless of the size of the landscape project, is that you use the highest quality materials to create a professional and long-lasting finish which often minimises later maintenance, and gives you a landscaped garden that lasts.

Reeves can also supply planting schemes and soft landscaping – click here for more information.

Our landscaping services are provided throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and North London.

Reeves offer a quality guarantee on patios we install and on materials we supply.

So when you need a new patio, contact Reeves 01234 213 769 and get a free quotation. How we can help -

  • Feature patios
  • Paving
  • Decking
  • Natural stone specialists
  • Garden walls
  • Resin coated paths

We operate in; Bedford, Bedfordshire, Olney, Turvey, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Sandy, St Neots, Northampton, Bucks, Cambridgeshire.

Are you thinking of having decking installed in your garden?

Maybe Reeves with over 30 years of experience with all types of timber deck, including hard wood, can help get your decking properly prepared, installed and treated for maximum impact and greater longevity.

Decking has come into and gone out of fashion – decking divides people, some people love it and others just hate it. But opinion is often driven by people’s own poor experiences. Getting decking properly installed, with proper ground preparations and expertly installed makes such a difference to the look, feel and lifetime of a decked area.

Love it or hate it, there’s one thing that decking is – it’s adaptable, decking can go where no other surface can, decking is the great leveller and here’s why:

If you have an uneven area of garden, it sits there year after year gathering weeds – what an eyesore and what a waste of space. However there is a one way to turn that space into a usable and enjoyable place to relax and entertain. Deck it.

To level out many gardens can take a virtual civil engineering project, it isn’t just about bringing in hard core and soil, you have to consider the way increasing the height levels will impact on your property’s damp course, fencing, walls, paths and the rest of the garden. Just imagine the area of your garden raised by 1ft, 2ft 3ft! The way around this may be to build a deck.

Deck sits on a frame or series if frames which attach to weather treated posts driven into the ground and cemented. By adjusting the height of these posts slopes and uneven area can be compensated for leaving you with a flat useable area where previously reined an unusable, unsightly patch of useless garden.

There are many type and style of decking to suit almost everyone’s pocket and taste. For decking finishes, types of decking wood and caring for your deck.

Or fill out the enquiry form at the top of the page or call us for an informal chat about a one-off decking experts requirement or as part of a design or garden landscape project.