Making the most of the space available when renovating your home.

Choosing to buy an old house to renovate offers great scope to bring the property back to life and recreate the splendour of a bygone day.

However, while many properties are centuries old, there are many fantastic opportunities to renovate and modernise a much younger properties, save money and end up with a beautiful home in the style you want.

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In old house from the Victorian or Georgian era, there is often enormous potential to increase the internal size of spaces when renovating. For example:

  • Loft conversion
  • often older style properties have enormous loft spaces, ideal for renovating , and given your house is going to be empty and in a full state of repair this is an ideal time to undertake this large improvement process. Older style bungalows lend themselves to dormer loft extensions.

  • Cellar / basement room
  • Georgian, Victorian and even Edwardian houses were built with cellars — in fact they were common right up until the 1930s. This is a great opportunity to add an underground room or a series of rooms. Again this is an ideal time while the house is in a state of disrepair to undertake this kind of project and could save you money and precious garden space as well. (See our Blog on converting basements/cellars)

  • Enlarging the living space
  • Older properties are ripe for internal renovation rather than necessarily build extensions on the back where there’s often little in the way of garden space. The insides of Victorian homes are often a maze of small rooms, pantries, hallways and cupboards. These give great renovation potential to knock through and create more open, bright, airy and practical spaces for modern life.

  • Garage conversions
  • If your home has an integrated garage then it is ideal for converting and adding into your ground floor plans. (see our page on Garage Conversions)

  • Updating electrics
  • Not all homes have out of date and potentially dangerous electrics – but from experience most do. And while the property is empty, as part of your modernisation, it is worth budgeting for new wiring, and if your budget stretches to it, consider putting in data, internet, sound and T.V. connectivity.

  • Plumbing and Heating
  • just like the electrics, likelihood is that the plumbing will need modernising too. It is a fact that when these houses were built, insulation and energy conservation weren’t even thought about. Getting a modern boiler system and fully insulating the property will keep you warm and the bills down.

In all the above areas Reeves can offer a comprehensive, competitive and planned programme of renovation for your existing or new home.