Whether you are thinking about a water-feature, pond, water-course or water-sculpture.

From the tradition to the Avant-garde, the integrity of the design and the quality of the construction directly relate to the longevity of the piece and the impact of the final result.

Professional installation requires a whole lot more than arranging a few stones around a pond liner. Over the years we have been asked to repair/replace a myriad of monstrosities installed by so called professional landscapers.

There is one simple rule; if you’re not prepared to invest the correct amount in a water-feature then it is probably better to not install one at all.

So, if you are looking for a professional solution to building your pond/water-feature/koi pond then we have been designing and building water features and ponds for 20 years. In that time our experience taught us that skimping on the basics can lead to disaster.

When water-features go wrong – they can be ruinous, dangerous and down-right ugly. Like most features, as part of an integrated garden, the water feature needs to be well designed, well contained and naturally beautiful.

There is little that enhances a garden more than the sight and sound of water rippling over a reflective or natural stone feature, but what sort of water-feature is right for your garden?

A Gallery of our construction work

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Water Feature – choosing a style that’s right for your garden.

Designing and constructing anything from a simple pond to large systems with interlocking waterfalls and pool systems built in natural stone or a modern feature with cascades of coloured water shimmering in lighting on a stainless steel wall.

Running water is evocative or creates a relaxing atmosphere or both – what sort of water-feature do you require – stimulating or soothing, impactful or subtle? Reeves can help with everything from planning/advice and building and commissioning, either as part of a larger landscaping project or a stand-alone piece.

Consider some of the options below:

  • A bubbling pebble pool
  • A monolith set on matching stone
  • A Japanese style ornamental pond
  • A koi carp feature pond
  • A feature water-wall
  • A raised patio with water channels


It may seem obvious to say but a formal scheme is best suited to an older styled garden, it can be used as a reflective surface, mirroring other features in the garden, or simply to house or accentuate a fountain or sculpture.

As with all Reeves designs we will design and install a water-feature that is in keeping with the garden surrounding. Like all pond and water-falls a formal scheme need not have deep water, therefore suitable for families with young children.


Under this heading we have sought to expand your thoughts of what is possible and the commitment to produce something truly memorable and trend-setting in garden water-features.

The combination of water, lighting and reflective materials can lead to some truly stunning results which normally required a larger garden or city-scape to fully deliver the impact of a unique water-sculpture.

But water doesn’t confine its’ ambition to features alone, we have built water into our garden designs over the years, bringing contemporary and traditional themes to set gardens apart. For more information on garden design click here.


The sound of water in your garden moving slowly over stone or steel creates a mood, it can change a mood – it can relax, it can motivate. Water provides great ambiance.

Water can be incorporated into any size of outdoor space. If you have a small courtyard garden you can still incorporate water, remember water doesn’t have to be only in the horizontal plane. You can think establish still reflective pools and stepping over water. Of course if you have more space you can have a larger body of water.

Experience, like in all walks of life, is imperative to get a successful and long-lasting water feature operating. Water has its own set of potential problems for the inexperienced. Consider the wind action on an exposed water-fall ! Consider a leaking pipe or joint caused by freeze and thaw or a really hot spell in the summer. Positioning your moving water in the rays of the sun always increases the impact – planning is imperative.

The sound of water can vary: large volumes of water cascading will create a loud effect, ideal if you are trying to block out the sound of traffic in an urban environment, but it may be disturbing, if the water feature is right by your bedroom and you want the water feature lit up at night.

No water feature is entirely maintenance free. But they can be low maintenance and getting the right amount of cleaning chemicals helps keep the water algae free.